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Re: [Xen-devel] Problem with xen save/restore

On 16/10/06 9:59 pm, "Sanjeepan, Vivekananthan" <vivekananthan.sanjeepan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

vif vif-0: 2 reading other end details from device/vif/0
xenbus: resume (talk_to_otherend) vif-0 failed: -2
This error does not appear when the backend is dom0. I have all the xen scripts
in /etc/xen in domain B. Not sure why I am getting this error. It would be
great if someone can give me leads to solve the problem.

Save/restore integration with ‘driver domains’ simply does not exist. More than anything this is a limitation of our save image format. It’ll get addressed as we design the new format, hopefully in time for 3.0.4.

 -- Keir
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