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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH][Take 3-2][Resend] Sysfs Interface for balloon driver

> Can I just 's/kibi_bytes/kb/g' when I check this in? Noone's 
> going to get confused that it's units of 10^3-bits or 
> 10^3-bytes or 2^10-bits.

No problem.
I think that 's/kibi_bytes/kib/g' may be also fine.

The most important one is to be able to take information.
Next, it is important that anyone can understand easily and clearly.

We discussed which representations is more better.
However, there are many representation in the field and
there are traditional representation in each field.
  Ex. If based on formal, it should represented at 'KiB' (kilo binary bytes).
       In xenmon, this representation is also used. (ex.MiB)
       However, traditional representation is 'kb' in sysfs (block and memory 
      and no computer engineers is going to mistake as you say.
I can not decided that which formal or traditional representation is better.

Satoshi UCHIDA

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