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Re: [Xen-devel] Has 3.0.3 been released?

On 18/10/06 13:43, "Markus Armbruster" <armbru@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>> Will xen-unstable move forward to (at least) 2.6.18 now?
>> This is certainly planned before 3.0.4.
> Do you expect it to fall behind again during the development cycle,
> and how much?

It depend when we do it and how much time we find to keep track of new Linux
versions. Certainly we only intend to track major Linux dot releases.

>> Perhaps. We might at least separate the kernel bits from the hypervisor
>> bits. We like working with a sparse tree as it's much quicker than cloning
>> entire Linux repos.
> Ahem.  Isn't there enough suffering in the world?
> The sparse tree has been an enourmous pain in the neck for me and many
> others.  If all that pain is outweighed by quicker cloning of Linux
> repos, then you must do that much more often than I can imagine.

Yes we do. One option is for us to keep a private sparse tree and have a
script that pulls out patches and applies them to a public full Linux tree.

 -- Keir

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