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Re: [Xen-users] Release 0.8.9 of GPL PV drivers for Windows

On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 03:16:09AM -0400, jim burns wrote:
> On Saturday April 26 2008 10:12:33 pm James Harper wrote:
> > Hmmm... uninstall.bat is a work in progress and probably shouldn't have
> > been included. I suspect that if you rebooted after running
> > uninstall.bat but before running install.bat you would have had an
> > unbootable system.
> Well, for the first time since 0.8.4, I got winxp to boot w/ /gplpv, using 
> 0.8.9. I booted w/o /gplpv and then ran uninstall.bat. Because of the warning 
> above, I ran install.bat right away w/o a reboot. The final screen came up 
> and said all drivers were updated except xennet, which was 'Ready to Use'. 
> Then I rebooted w/ /gplpv, and the Find New Hardware Wizard came up 
> automatically and guided me through installing xennet w/o a hitch.
> I had previously disabled all the new features in Device Manager's Xen Net 
> Device Driver Properties' Advanced Tab. (This was done by copying over the 
> 0.8.4 files so I could boot w/o a BSOD.) An 'iperf -c dom0-name -t 60' came 
> up with 27.3 Mbits/s. I then proceeded to turn on each feature one at a time 
> in the Advanced tab, and rebooting w/ /gplpv. Device Manager invariably hung 
> after enabling each feature, which caused the reboot to hang. All 
> measurements are with vcpus=2, unless noted otherwise.
> After adding enabling Checksum Offload, iperf gave 30.5 Mb/s.
> After adding setting 61440 for Large Send Offload, iperf gave 25.3 Mb/s.
> After adding enabling Scatter/Gather, iperf gave 25.1 Mb/s.
> So there are minor variations with and w/o the various options, but on the 
> whole, much better than the last version I could test, 0.8.4.

Just to make sure, you mean megabytes (MB/sec) instead of megabits per
second (Mb/sec) ?

25 - 30 Mbit/sec would be really slow..

> From James' original post:
> > From the testing I've done, on a UP windows DomU, with iperf options '-l
> > 1M -w 1M', with the iperf server running in Dom0, I get TX throughput of
> > about 1.5Gbits/second and RX throughput of about 0.5Gbits/second. When I
> > tried it under SMP it worked, but the performance was horrible. Probably
> > best if you don't run it under SMP for the moment :)
> Doing 'iperf -c dom0-name -l 1M -w 1M' gives 28.8 Mb/s, and reversing the 
> direction (winxp as iperf server) gives 30.2 Mb/s.
> Going down to vcpu=1, dom0 as server gives 27.1 Mb/s, and domu as server 
> gives 
> 35.7 Mb/s, so there is not a lot of difference between 1 and 2 vcpus for me.
> Nice improvements. I will test disk i/o w/ iometer later.

IOmeter results would be really nice!

-- Pasi

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