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[Xen-users] How to create a windows vm with ganeti2.

Hi !

I'm tryng to install a windows instance to a ganeti cluster.
For the moment, i have configured ganeti2, i have created a debian instance 
with debootstrap OS, i have created a windows instance with xen commands, with 
a HVM processor.
I have already initialize too my cluster with HVM and PVM option.

However, i can't create a windows vm with ganeti2.
my command is: gnt-instance add -t drbd--disk=0:size=5g -B memory=256 -H 
xen-hvm:cdrom_image_path=/home/Windows_Server_2003.iso -n node1:node2 inst1

It ask me to specifie an os but i only have the debootstrap script.
I have too a mistake that i haven't the good kernel 
/usr/lib/xen-unstable/boot/hvmloader but i can't modify the kernel with xen-hvm.

It is possible to create a windows instance with ganeti2?
How could I have an os script for windows?
Can I create an instance with ganeti2 with a configuration file? (like xen 
create x.cfg)
I have also create a windows instance with xen commands in LVM. Could I add 
this in the ganeti cluster?

gnt-cluster info
Cluster name: cluster1.jigamartyrs.local
Master node: node1.jigamartyrs.local
Architecture (this node): 64bit (x86_64)
Default hypervisor: xen-pvm
Enabled hypervisors: xen-hvm, xen-pvm
Hypervisor parameters:
- xen-hvm:
nic_type: rtl8139
boot_order: dc
pae: True
disk_type: ioemu
acpi: True
- xen-pvm:
root_path: /dev/sda1
kernel_path: /boot/initrd-2.6-xenU
initrd_path: /boot/initrd-2.6-xenU
kernel_args: ro
Cluster parameters:
- candidate pool size: 10
- master netdev: eth0
- default bridge: eth0
- lvm volume group: xenvg
- file storage path: /srv/ganeti/file-storage
Default instance parameters:
- default:
auto_balance: True
vcpus: 1
memory: 128

Thank you very much!!

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