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Re: [Xen-users] Windows 2000 server VM on Xen open source CPU hog?

Hi James,

> What does Windows 2000 report it's CPU usage at?

Below 10% when xentop consistently reports 190-199.5%.

> Does the problem appear with only a single CPU (and preferably a UP
> HAL)?

I haven't tried that yet. The server used to run on physical hardware so
anything that was on it was migrated to the VM. I noticed there are two
(?) HALs registered: ACPI Multiprocessor PC and MPS Multiprocessor PC...

> GPLPV (which doesn't work on W2K) has an option to patch windows kernels
> < W2K3SP2 to improve performance. Backporting just that part might not
> be a huge deal, although the problem that fixes wouldn't cause 2 cpu's
> to be pegged at 100%...

I had a look at GPLPV but quickly realised Windows 2000 wasn't supported...


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