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Re: [Xen-users] can't add vlans successfully

Hi Zhang,

You should consider creating the bridges and the vlans by the distro's networking scripts. Then use network-dummy script in xen.cfg. And use the bridges names in the domUs configs. Xen will attach gracefully to the bridges you create and work like a dream. :)


Zhang Li wrote:

I want to add 2 vlans by the following steps:
1. add the vlan interfaces:
   vconfig add eth0 100      --vlan100
   vconfig add eth0 101      --vlan101

2. modify the network-bridge script by the websit,
   Comment each time ifup or ifdown commands are executed.The reason
is that ifdown ends with error for vlan interfaces.

    /etc/xen/script/network-bridge  start netdev=eth0
   /etc/xen/script/network-bridge  start netdev=eth0.100
   /etc/xen/script/network-bridge start netdev=eth0.101

Then we use brctl show, we can see eth0.100 and eth0.101 bridges is
start up.  Then we start 4 xenU, 2 xenUs on each bridges.

But questions is that: I can't get the 8021q packages with ethereal
tool.  I doubt that I don't setup the vlans successfully. And xenU in
the vlans can't connect the outside by using ping address.

Is anybody know about this?

Best Regards


Deac Mihai-Adrian

W: www.mikesoftware.com
P: +40-745-256.364

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