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Re: [Xen-users] Re: AMD-V or VT

Hi Simon,

There is really no way of doing "non standard" operations with a parallel port. The actual key most likely holds a crypto IC that is going to either generate some proprietary codes, or are decrypting/encrypting some values passed by by the software. You can take an USB parallel adapter and use it like any parallel port. Think of the newer (after year 2000) laptops - these don't have a serial port. And post likely the software runs on these machines also.

Have phun,

Simon Hobson wrote:
Jan Bakuwel wrote:

For what its worth see if there are "parallel network servers". These
exist for USB and serial ports.

Christian Tramnitz wrote:

If there isn't one have you thought about a usb to parallel adapter and passing through the usb device?

In the specific application mentioned (a security dongle key for a software package), neither of these are likely to work. Dongles often do "non standard" things to interface and aren't likely to work through some abstracted standard interface.

Deac Mihai-Adrian

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