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RE: [Xen-users] Xen Panic w/ dom0 patches)

>> To be honest 2.6.29 is the best one to use at the moment, 2.6.30 has
>> issues with networking which I've not been able to fix, also opensuse
>> have selected 2.6.31 as their next distro kernel so I plan to rebase
>> that as soon as it is released and to put more effort into supporting
>> it, they have already moved to the 2.6.31-rcX tree so 2.6.30 is dead
>> as far as opensuse are concerned, that makes it much harder for me to
>> support.

Out of interest what networking issues have you seen?  I am using
2.6.30-xen-r1 and I lose connectivity to my domUs occasionally.  It
seems to happen under heavy disk/network I/O.  I've not isolated to
either in particular but when it seems to coincide with lots of NFS or
rsync activity.  e.g. my gentoo domUs are doing an rsync of the portage
tree from the dom0 or doing an emerge where distfiles and the ccache are
mounted by NFS from dom0.  There is nothing in the logs on the domU or
dom0 except from NFS timeout messages.  I did try -r2 but I just get
immediate reboots when xen is relinquishing the vga console.  Going to
reboot with 2.6.29 later to see if I still get the same behaviour.


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