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[Xen-users] Windows PV Drivers BlueScreening

So I've got a Windows Server 2003 Standard server running under Xen. As soon as 
I install the meadowcourt.org drivers 1 of 2 things happen;

1) They install without issue but the CDRom drive disappears
2) They cause the server to bluescreen on reboot

Has anyone else had similar a experience and how did you get around it?


Gavin Conway
Senior Engineer, Operations (Systems Group), UKSolutions

Telephone: 0845 004 1333, option 2
Email: gavin.conway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Web: http://www.uksolutions.co.uk/
UKS Ltd, Birmingham Road, Studley, Warwickshire, B80 7BG Registered in England 
Number 3036806
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