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[Xen-users] pcipassthrough questions

I've tried using pci passthrough for a couple of devices today, and
they all seem to have failed. I was wondering if I could get some
feedback on whether it should be possible?

I'm using xen 3.4.0 with ubuntu hardy kernel version 2.8.24.

First I've tried to pci passthrough the "high definition audio
controller" from an intel ich7. My reason for trying this is a bit
contrived. I've been using an opensolaris domU desktop via xdmcp, and
exporting ESPEAKER doesn't make opensolaris attempt to connect to the
ubuntu dom0 for sound output. So I tried to pass the audio through to
the domU directly. The audio device simply did not appear in the domU.

Next to try and resolve the problem I've emailed about nfs causing
xnf0 on solaris to freeze, I tried passing through one of my two
Marvell 88E8053 ethernet controllers to a domU. When I told the dom0
kernel to hide one of the ethernet controllers, both were hidden. When
I tried to hide the other controller, neither were hidden.

Next I put a realtek 8139 ethernet controller in a PCI slot. Hiding it
seemed to work, but when I tried to pass it through to a guest I was
told that I also had to pass through another device connected to the
same PCI bus.

Would it be possible to put together page describing what kind of
devices you can pass through, and what the restrictions are on doing
so (eg, devices on the same bus)?

-- Michael

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