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[Xen-users] W2k3 CDROM missing with GPLPV drivers


I've got a Windows 2003 Server EE running on Xen 3.2-1.
After the latest installing GPL PV drivers (, cdrom drive vanishes from the system.
xen -config disk section:

disk        = [

I noticed others have experienced this problem as well, but haven't seen a resolution to it. Has this problem been addressed?

My qemu-dm isn't patched for passing the cdrom to ioemu instead of gplpv (I recall such a patch might have been available?).

On Windows, two Xen Block devices are installed, and one Xen SCSI.
The mounted volume appears and works fine.

Any ideas on this?

Also, the instructions on installing GPL PV should mention that using the current version, the /NOGPLPV parameter should be included in the boot.ini during first boot after installation (before the devices are discovered by Windows) to avoid the 0x000007B BSOD. I didn't notice such a warning if it was mentioned somewhere and had to boot in safe mode to get the system up again after installing the gplpv_fre_wnet -installer package.

  Antti Kanes

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