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RE: [Xen-devel] RE: produce windows compatible dump file from Dom0

> Hi all,
> Did anyone make any progress on this?
> I'm interested in getting a Windows memory dump out of a XenServer
> image.
> Is it even remotely possible?

Yes. In order for it to work I believe the DomU needs to call
KeInitializeCrashDumpHeader to place a crash dump header inside the
memory image (eg in NonPagedPool). KeInitializeCrashDumpHeader is
available in 2003sp1 and newer. You can then find that info in the saved
image and use it to build a windows compatible crash dump. There is more
to it than that obviously and I haven't actually done it myself. Ideally
it would be possible to do 'xl wincrashdump -o memory.dmp domu_name' and
have it all happen.

I've BCC'd the guy who wrote a program to do it to see if he can share
it (hope he doesn't mind :)


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