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Re: [Xen-devel] Patches that are going to be proposed for 2.6.40.

> > > Additionally, today I am going to prapare final version of memory hotplug
.. snip..

> I posted fix for git commit 24bdb0b62cc82120924762ae6bc85afc8c3f2b26
> yesterday. However, I would like to wait to final version of prerequisite
> patches (David Rientjes sent me some comments yesterday) before publishing
> final version of memory hotplug patch. What time constraints we have
> for memory hotplug now ???

I think the merge window is June 2nd - which means you need to post the
code at least two weeks before that. Your code all looked great and
you can stick my 'Reviewed-by' on the non-Xen code. For the balloon code
the only thing I want is in the git commit and in the source code
a tiny explanation on how a user would 'online' memory using SysFS. You
put that in, you can stick my 'Acked-by' on that code.

Since it is touching mm, I think you need to email the whole patchset to akpm.
Email it to him and CC everybody involved.

> > > 2.6.39, however, as I know it could be very difficult to do that
> > > at that stage.
> >
> > We can do it through the stable tree when 2.6.39 gets released.
> OK.

stuck it in stable/e820.bugfixes branch. Thanks for posting it.
> Daniel

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