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[Xen-devel] kernel breakage (kexec)

While I realize that -unstable is a development branch, feature freeze for 3.0.4
was announced over a week ago, and my previously taken snapshot originates
from after that. However, in an attempt to get the merged up 32on64 patches
up to the latest bits I took a fresh snapshot today, with the result that even
without any of my patches I can't boot any kexec-enabled Xen kernel built with
the previous snapshot anymore.
While I'm certain that this will go away as soon as I update the kernel, I
specifically wanted to avoid doing a kernel merge (in order to save time to give
the people asking for these patches something without undue delay) at least
until after sending out these patches.
Was it indeed impossible to not introduce this significant a set of changes (I 
puzzled already when I saw the number of new change sets, which really applies
to earlier releases, too). I would really appreciate if after feature freeze 
changes (both functional any cosmetic) could be avoided.

Thanks, Jan

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