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[Xen-devel] Re: running multiple version of Xen on a single machine

Jan Beulich wrote:
With a limited number of physical machines and many distro versions to support
I would find it really handy if there was a way to run multiple Xen versions in
parallel (one at a time obviously) on any such system. This implies that I don't
want to install Xen tools (as they would otherwise overwrite the distro's 
package), which in turn implies that there must not be absolute path names in
any of the tools/scripts unless there is a way to override these.

It would in my opinion be easiest if each affected tool determined where it was
run from,

Do you mean by examining CWD and argv[0]?

My fear would be that that would break a lot of things that use special tools to launch daemons.

I suspect we need to move to a PREFIX model. Not sure the best way to propagate something like that throughout Xen.

It's further complicated by the fact that Xend depends on the implicit prefix in a number of places (to launch xenconsole, xc_linux_{save,restore}, qemu-dm, etc.).


Anthony Liguori

 subtract its install location and use the remaining path as the
pseudo-root to find everything else. Alternatively, a command line option might
be used, but I'd like auto detection much better.

Taking care of PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and PYTHONPATH in order to be able
to run the tool(s) in the first place would obviously need to be left to the
individual user, but can be easily done in a wrapper script.

Opinions? Has anyone already done this in a different way?


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