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RE: [Xen-devel] Problems with network-route/vif-route scripts

> Are you using an hvm or pv guest?
> Routing under hvm requires a bit of hacking.  Qemu uses /dev/tap*
> devices rather than the vif*.* devices and is by default invoked in a
> bridging mode (the default /etc/xen/qemu-ifup script that is invoked
> qemu-dm on launch simply adds the tap device to the bridge xenbr0).
> I've found that turning the vif script executed by xend into a no-op,
> changing the qemu-ifup script to invoke a vif-like script with the
> correct vif and XENBUS_PATH defined, and modifying image.py to invoke
> qemu-dm without the bridging.

It's much better for us to fix xend and its normal scripts rather than
using the qemu-ifup. 

> To the list -- is there a chance that the qemu-dm network device
> interaction will follow the pv naming scheme anytime soon?

When qemu-dm moves into a stub domains this will get unififed
automatically. In the meantime, I suggest we just rename the tapX device
to be vifX.Y which should allow the normal scripts to work rather more


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