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Re: [Xen-devel] edge-triggered interrupts in non-ACPI SMP HVM

Could this be the cause of the spurious interrupts that I reported yesterday? 

-- Ross

>>> On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at  3:03 AM, in message
<C16789EF.3611%Keir.Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Keir Fraser
<Keir.Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

> On 27/10/06 9:30 am, "He, Qing" <qing.he@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Yes, but why does the guest set only this PCI device's IRQ to
>>> edge- triggered? Why not the rtl8139, for example? Neither is explicitly
>>> listed in the MP tables, so where does this differing behaviour come from?
>>> --  Keir
>> Per my understanding, rtl8139 works fine even if it is edge- triggered, 
> because
>> there is no interrupt sharing. So if there is no platform pci device, it is
>> possible for guest to set all devices to edge triggered without complaining
>> anything. (I do know that if I comment out sanity checks in HV, platform pci
>> device works fine in edge triggered mode, and there will be no complaints.)
> Oh sorry, I see that check is specific to the platform- device IRQ. I guess
> it should be reduced just to a printk warning, and we should work out what
> needs adding to the MP tables to get the PCI devices set up with
> level- triggering.
>  --  Keir
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