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Re: [Xen-devel] 32bit HVM PV drivers on 64bit hypervisor

On 26/10/06 11:16, "He, Qing" <qing.he@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I onced played with your PV-on-HVM driver before it is checked in into
> unstable, I remember at that time, there is a XENFEAT_64bit_shared_info
> flag to handle situation of 32bit guest on 64bit hypervisor, at least
> vnif works fine with it.
> Later, when the code is checked in, this flag is gone. At first I though
> this was an effort to make hypervisor more transparent to HVM guest, but
> now I found 32bit guest vnif refused to work on a 64bit hypervisor. It
> seems this part of code has never made its way into unstable?

This will be fixed as part of the 32-on-64 work for getting PAE PV guests
running on 64b hypervisor. This way the different format will be handled
entirely within Xen with no guest-visible interface changes.

 -- Keir

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