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[Xen-devel] Re: removing event notification for HVM IRQ injection?

>       When looking at improving the HVM TPR acceleration, I noticed
> your previous patch (CSET:10974) replaced evtchn_set_pending in both
> hlt_timer_fn & vlapic_accept_irq with hvm_prod_vcpu. I am not sure for
> the purpose
The aim here was to make sure that HVM domains could use Xen event
channels normally without interfering with the device model's use of
them.  Previously, the device model fired an event channel into the
HVM domain to tell it to wake up, and this could cause problems (or at
least confusion) if the domain was trying to use event channels for
its own purposes.  After this patch, the device model event channel
terminates in Xen, which is much easier to work with.

> but at least one thing is missed after this patch: previous
> evtchn_set_pending may use physical IPI to interrupt target VP while
> hvm_prod_vcpu not. If the target VP is running, delivering guest IRQ  (
> both hlt_timer_fn & vlapic_accept_irq ) to a running VP have to use
> physical IPI to interrupt the execution to inject IRQ, without this the
> logic may be wrong.
I think Keir already answered this.


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