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Re: [Xen-devel] Trans.: Device drivers and Xend

Hi there,

It's great that you're working on Xen.  Sounds like you're making good 

However, do you really have to use Xen 2.0.7?  It's not really supported any 
more - the 3.x series gets all the attention these days.  The main difference 
between the two from your point of view is probably in the control interface.

The Xend parts of the code are concerned with sending control messages to 
domains in the right sequence so that their drivers may handshake and set up 
shared memory / event channel.  In Xen 3.x, the Xend components of a split 
driver are very different and *much* simpler, but you need to use XenStore in 
the devices.

Could you give any more detail about your device drivers?  What requirements 
do they have? (shared memory pages, event channels, other metadata etc...)


On Wednesday 06 September 2006 15:10, nicko.koinkoin@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I am currently writting a split device driver for a custom device.
> I have understood the way it works, I wrote the code (kernel module) but
> currently it is static (i.e. port number) because I am not using Xend.
> And I want to use it, but I don't know how to add a new device type in
> Xend, i.e. which files are needed, ... I looked at blkif.py and netif.py, I
> know I have to write such a script for my new device, but what are the
> classes/object that must be present, the same for the methods ?
> Also how do I set up a virtual custom device for the domains
> (XendDomainInfo.py ?) ?
> In fact I search for a manual describing in details Xend, like a HowTo Xend
> device drivers, what I didn't find in the ML. I am using xen-2.0.7, so I
> think there is no XenBus and XenStore.
> If somebody can give me advice.
> Thanks.
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