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[Xen-devel] RE: [PATCH][RFC] to fix xm list memory reporting

patch updated to use domain_getinfo.

The balloon driver's write to xenstore is now a means of notification that the 
requested allocation has finished and that it is time to update 
self.info['memory'] using domain_getinfo.  

Tommie McAfee

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On 11/10/06 10:34 pm, "Anthony Liguori" <aliguori@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> However, this patch concerns me in another way.  You're relying on the
> guest to report how much memory it has?  What prevents a guest from
> lying and claiming it has less memory than it really does?  Forget about
> lying, what about buggy guests?
> Isn't this info available from the hypervisor?

Yes, from the getdomaininfo domctl.

 -- Keir

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