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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Minor fixes for non-Linux platforms

On Friday 13 October 2006, Aron Griffis wrote:
> Christoph Egger wrote:  [Thu Oct 12 2006, 08:33:22AM EDT]


> > +#!/bin/sh
> >
> >  export PATH=${PATH}:/sbin:/usr/sbin
> > +export OS=`uname -s`
> export with variable assignment doesn't work on most Bourne shells.
> These need to be split up:
> PATH=${PATH}:/sbin:/usr/sbin
> OS=`uname -s`
> export PATH OS



> > -        usage
> > +   echo "Usage:"
> > +   echo "\t$0 [build|install|clean]"
> \t isn't standard (it doesn't even work on Linux without -e).
> You should insert a real tab there instead.


> Just wondering, why did you get rid of all the functions from these
> scripts?  AFAIK, every Bourne shell ever made supports functions,
> though they might need to be declared with the older syntax:
>    func() {
>        asdfasdf
>    }

The scripts are so small, you gain nothing with functions - not even
just for readability.

One exception: The usage function in the chk script actually improves
readability. So I converted it to the old and portable Bourne Shell syntax.

On Friday 13 October 2006, Christian Limpach wrote:
> In check_brctl, you remove the error function but you don't remove all
> users of it.


New Patch attached.

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