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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH,RFC 0/17] 32-on-64 work progress


> I didn't spend thoughts on the tools side - Emmanuel was expected to
> work from that side I think. surely what you say needs to be considered
> (and for the part of those hypercalls already implemented should already be,
> minus any bugs or oversights)

How do they work?  Using the native version of dom0 (as suggested by
Keir) for those hypercalls where it is possible?  How do you handle
setvcpucontest, where the 64bit struct isn't a superset of the 32bit
version?  I think for at least that one, maybe also others, we have to
pass compat structs through native hypercalls.  And maybe also visa
versa, so you can boot 64bit guests when running 32bit dom0 (within some
limits of course ...).

My current stack of patches (which also includes some other bits) is here:

Alot of the domain builder code can handle non-native guests already,
the hypercalls which actually boot the domain are still missing though.


Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@xxxxxxx>

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