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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH][HVM] fix PCI interrupt routing via ACPI

That’s true, if we have more than 4  PCI devices need IRQ, then have to share, it is doesn’t matter how many PRT package entry you added for each device in pic mode, only have 4  IRQ  to use.


And in APIC mode, IRQ is not routed through south bridge PCI IRQ router for IOAPIC, those four PCI routers are for 8259 PIC. Current QEMU using INT1_0/15 to IRQ0/15 one to one mapping, but that does not mean no APIC mode support, if we have bug we have to fix.


I think (b) is a short term solution, if we upgrade south bridge from PIIX3/4 to newer ICHx, we could have 8 PIC mode PCI IRQ router and 24 IOAPIC IRQ in APIC mode. I think IPF platform already support 24 IOAPIC  IRQs now.


I would like David separated the  patch, one for PIC mode PCI IRQ routing _ADR address fix, this one is good, another one for  cutting PIC  mode support, this one may need more discussion.





From: Keir Fraser [mailto:Keir.Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
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On 13/10/06 17:36, "Dave Lively" <dave.lively@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 (b) Make the LNKx devices' _PRS methods include IRQs > 16 for APIC
       mode.  This exposes the expanded set of possible IRQs to the
       guest interrupt routing code.  Trivial to implement.

There are still only 4 LNK devices though (which PCI devices are striped across), and they cannot address IRQs > 15. These are both limitations of PIIX hardware. If we break that emulation, we may as well get rid of the PIIX PCI-ISA bridge device altogether and statically define everything (not a bad idea imo).

 -- Keir

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