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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH][HVM] fix PCI interrupt routing via ACPI

On 13/10/06 17:36, "Dave Lively" <dave.lively@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 (b) Make the LNKx devices' _PRS methods include IRQs > 16 for APIC
       mode.  This exposes the expanded set of possible IRQs to the
       guest interrupt routing code.  Trivial to implement.

There are still only 4 LNK devices though (which PCI devices are striped across), and they cannot address IRQs > 15. These are both limitations of PIIX hardware. If we break that emulation, we may as well get rid of the PIIX PCI-ISA bridge device altogether and statically define everything (not a bad idea imo).

 -- Keir
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