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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [patch rfc 1/3] xen arch header rework.

On 11/10/06 11:40, "Jacob Gorm Hansen" <jacobg@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I like this approach (although I don't like Perl, but at least it's better
>> than reams of bash, which is definitely the pits ;-). The Solaris guys won't
>> like the gcc attributes, but they can add some flexibility to the script to
>> target the pragmas/extensions of their own compiler.
> Xen seems committed to using Python already (not that I am too
> thrilled about that, but at least Python code is readable to the
> occasional hacker), could we try to limit the amount of arcane
> scripting languages that have to be supported when building Xen, i.e.
> not add Perl as a build-time dependency?

I'd certainly rather see Python used, unless there's a really good reason
not to. I'm not sure if building Linux already requires Perl? It looks to me
like it doesn't, unless you build the raid6 drivers.

 -- Keir

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