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Re: [Xen-devel] PV drivers for HVM guests

On 3/10/06 9:31 pm, "Ky Srinivasan" <ksrinivasan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> These differences can be dealt with in a couple of different ways:
> 1) Modify the code in the PV drivers under appropriate compilation switches to
> deal with the differences in the base kernels.
> 2)  Introduce  a compatibility component that bridges the gap between the
> current PV code and a given Linux target and leave much of the PV driver  code
> untouched.
> I have implemented both these schemes for the sles9 kernel and would like to
> get your input on your preference. I personally like option 2. Going forward,
> the evolution of PV drivers needs to be constrained by the required support
> for legacy Linux environments.

A shim layer (i.e., a set of compat macros) that avoids ifdef'ing the core
driver code is definitely the way to go.

 -- Keir

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