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[Xen-devel] Re: Experience with netchannel2

> >> 1. During xen-netchannel2 building, vif2 script
> >> tools/hotplug/Linux/vif2 isn't installed to /etc/xen/scripts.
> >> Is this script needed at all?
> >>     
> > It is needed, and it should be installed in /etc/xen/scripts.  The
> > normal tools makefiles are supposed to do this automatically when you
> > run ``make install'' (and they do on my test box).  Could you post
> > the output of ``cd tools/hotplug; make install'', please?
> >   
> I've attached the log in 'hotplug_makefile' file.
> It seems that tools/hotplug/Makefile doesn't know that it should place
> 'vif2' to /etc/xen/scripts.
Ah, yes, sorry about that.  It looks like I lost the relevant line of
Makefile during one of the merges.  Should be fixed by cset

> >> What variable should be placed in domU config : 'vif' or 'vif2'?
> >>     
> > vif2.  e.g.:
> >
> > vif2 = [ 'bridge=eth1' ]
> >   
> Hmm, there is no key 'bridge' for vif2 in tools/python/xen/xm/create.py
> And domU doesn't start with
> Error: Invalid vif option: bridge
>      for c in vifs2:
>          d = comma_sep_kv_to_dict(c)
>          config_vif = ['vif2']
>          for k in d.keys():
>              if k not in ['front_mac', 'back_mac', 'backend', 'pdev',
>                           'max_bypasses']:
>                  err('Invalid vif option: ' + k)
>              config_vif.append([k, d[k]])
>          config_devs.append(['device', config_vif])
Err... yes, sorry again.  I plumbed the bridge parameter through for
network2-attach, but it looks like I forgot about create.  Should be
fixed by cset c14cc8002561.

> Moreover, the domU is starting without 'bridge' key with
> vif2 =[ '' ]
> but what i have, are
> 1. Virtual network interface is created in dom0 with name 'eth1', while
> in old netchannel1,  virtual network intarface
> has the name 'vifN.M'. It's very strange that i have 'eth1' instead of
> 'vifN.M'.
Is it?  It's easy enough to change the name of the interface, but I've
never really understood why it was desirable.

> 2. Despite the fact that DomU have started, there no connection in domU.
> I suppose it's due to the virtual interface have not been attached to
> the bridge in Dom0.
Yes, that'll have been because the bridge parameter was broken.

> I noticed that there are differencies between /etc/xen/scripts/vif and
> /etc/xen/scritps/vif2. The old vif uses 'brctl show' command to find the
> bridge, but vif2 script doesn't.
Yes, the behaviour differs if you don't specify a bridge.  vif-bridge
picks one at random and attaches the interface to that, whereas vif2
just doesn't attach at all.  Neither is really correct.

I've now modified the vif2 script so that:

-- If you specify a bridge, it uses that.
-- If you specify a bridge of ``-'', it leaves the vif hanging.
-- If you leave the bridge unspecified, and you only have one in dom0,
   it uses the only bridge.
-- Otherwise, it flags an error.

Does that sound sane?  That's still not perfect, because it means that
creating a new bridge can suddenly make all of your existing domains
stop working, but I can't really see any better ways of handling this.

> >> 2. I have managed to start domU with netchannel2 succesfully with single 
> >> virtual ethernet card.
> >>  But when I added second vif device to the domU configuration, i got black 
> >> screen in dom0, during
> >> domU starting. It happens on the on network initialisation stage, so i 
> >> could consider netchannel2
> >> affects this somehow. I didn't dig it yet, but it's critical to me to have 
> >> more then one NIC.
> >>     
> > What do you mean by ``black screen''?  That dom0 crashes?  Is there
> > any chance you could get a serial console on it, please?
> >   
> I mean my dom0 is rebooting, tripple fault have been occured.
> I'm going to research this problem. Here my test case
> 1. Start domU with two netchannel1 NIC
> vif = [ '', '' ]
> 2. In DomU obtain IP-address manually for  first NIC, then for second one.
> dhclient eth0
> dhclient eth1
> Before second dhclient finished, dom0 goes to reboot.
Got it, thanks.  Should be fixed by cset b1779e71b375.

I'm sorry this has been more trouble than it should have been.


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