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Re: [Xen-users] Multiple Network Cards + Multiple Bridges on debian lenny

On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 1:23 PM, Alexander Pirsig<alex@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Bridge config on Dom0 looks like this:
> xenbr1          8000.001b213b8a69       no              eth1
>                                                       vif6.0

> Yesterday I discovered that sometimes during Highload on DomU's part of the
> network is hard rechable with ssh or connections stalls even if I try to
> connect to dom0 with has seperate uplink.

There was a thread on this list sometime ago, regarding iptables. Do
you have /proc/net/ip_conntrack on dom0? Does the number of lines
close to /proc/sys/net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_conntrack_max?

> checking arp sometimes shows strange information (during highload) like:
> arp -na
> ? ( at 00:1b:21:3b:8a:68 [ether] on eth0
> ? ( at 00:1b:21:3b:8a:68[ether] on xenbr1
> So my question are:
> 1. Is it normal that bridge xenbr1 claims ip mac address of eth1?


> 2. Do I have to reset mac address on the bridge (xenbr1) or network
> interface (eth1) to FF:FF:FF:FF bevor starting it.

Not really. Your standard bridge setup using OS init scripts should
work. That's what I use, with RHEL.

> 3. What could cause the problem with the arp table?
> 4. Do I have to turn of  arp/multicast on eth1 or xenbr1 like this ->
>   ip link set xenbr1 arp off
>   ip link set xenbr1 multicast off

I'm not sure about these two. I don't arp and multicast use their
default settings on RHEL, YMMV.
Since you mention "high load" I suspect it has something to do with
iptables connection tracking.

I wonder about your vif-script though. Why do you have it commeted
out? Which vif-script did you use?
# (vif-script vif-bridge)


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