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[Xen-users] Question about ip assign/route on guest machine

virt-install \
--paravirt \
--name pythonfcgi03 \
--ram 1024 \
--file /dev/vg1\vm1 \
--nographics \
--location http://mirrors.kernel.org/centos/5.3/os/x86_64/
Hello,i installed xen over yum and did following command listed up to start installation,and problem is ip address cannot be finded with DHCP, nor when i try to assign ip adresses which is free on host machine not working,i getting then message how it cant find mirror(and mirror is ok) and i cannot continue.I dont have DHCP server installed on server,could be that reason why is not working by automatic ip find? And is there a way to assign free ip adress before installation?Since seems that is only why to make it workI have server on softlayer.

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