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[Xen-users] xen network interfaces: How do I retrieve from an executable running within domain0 the MAC of an frontend-(domainU)-network-interface ?


I use xen as provided by openSUSE 11.1 . What I want to do is this: Operate 
several domainU. All of them have a xennet network interface, whose 
respective backend-interfaces at the domain0 are added to a boilerplate linux 
bridge. No physical interfaces are added to the bridge (in other words: a 
virtual ethernet). Now each of those backend-interfaces gets assigned the 
infamous FE:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF MAC. That turns out to be a problem if I try to 
send packets from domain0 through the bridge-interface to any of the domainU 
instances: the log tells me something along "ethernet source and target are 
equal, can't send packets to myself". However, I had some success when I 
manually assigned (by calling at domain0, for instance, "ip link set vif13.1 
address 00:16:3E:7D:D0:98") the MAC assigned to the 
frontend-(domainU)-interface to the backend-(domain0)-interface as well. I 
obtained the MAC manually, by looking into the configuration files 
in /etc/xen/vm/ and manually identifying associated 
Now my question is: Supposed an executable is running within domain0, and this 
executable has been handed the name of a Xen backend interface, is there a 
way to obtain the MAC of the associated frontend-(domainU)-interface ?

Thank you very much,

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