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RE: [Xen-users] Hot plug scripts

> Hi James,
> Actually I have the following drivers compiled as "built-in".
> Is there any way to "debug" the hotplug scripts?
> I mean, how can I see the hotplug executing on the fly (while the domU
> is booting)?
> Thanks

There could be but it would be a bit messy (turn on tracing in the shell
and dump the output somewhere perhaps?)

The setup process is approximately that the frontend driver (in domu or
qemu) set the state to 'initialising' in xenstore, then write an event
channel number and a few grant ref numbers to xenstore, then set the
state the 'connecting'. If the backend is happy with the setup it sets
the state to 'connected' and then so does the frontend (as I said,
approximately, I may have the actual state transitions wrong).

Can you post your kernel config, and also the output of 'xenstore-ls'
while the 'waiting for devices to initialise' countdown is in progress


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