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Re: [Xen-users] Debian & eth0 vs. peth0

I don't have any Debian specific information but if I understand
it correctly, the naming of the bridges is more a functiion of
which major version of Xen you are running as opposed to a distro-specific
thing. For instance, Redhat 5 which includes xen 3.1.2 disguised as xen 3.0.3 also renames their physical device as peth0. so it may not
be deb-specific at all, just that they are still running an older version
of xen.


On Fri, 21 Aug 2009, Joshua Kinard wrote:

It seems that with their specific Xen packages, Debian likes to go against the norm, and rather than calling the Xen 
bridging device something sensible like "xenbr0", they rename the main physical ethernet device 
"eth0" to "peth0" and create "eth0" as the Xen bridge (as far as I can tell, anyways).  
Anyone know where exactly they do this so I can reverse it?  It's throwing my thinking off, because in all other Linux 
distros, I've always gone for the eth0 device when needing to do networking, and this name change just messes with 



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