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RE: [Xen-users] What does viridian=1 do?

> > >So for faster IO you need GPLPV drivers.
> > I still would vote for further investigation and development on viridian
> > enlighten IO. It would bring us out of the hell with driver signing, and
> > would also make a lot of stuff easier from the users stand.
> > The work of James Harper is pretty good but for 2008 x64 more than just
> > far away from ready for production.
> Yes, definitely that would be good.
> Feel free to start working on it :) I believe the needed viridian interfaces
> can be seen at least from linux hyper-v driver (linux-ic). Also iirc ms
> released some docs about the interfaces.

You are talking about reverse engineering a backend driver to match the 
frontend driver in Linux. That would certainly be an interesting project, but I 
wonder how Microsoft would feel about it :)


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