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Re: [Xen-users] Difference between xm create and xm new / xm start

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 10:50 PM, Ian Murray<murrayie@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> "xm new" and "xm start" -> domU configuration is managed by xend. You
>> change values using commands like "xm block-attach", which can modify
>> settings online. No config file to edit manually. The default on
>> current versions of Xen.
>> Personally I use config files and "xm create", even on Xen 3.4 boxes.
>> It's easier to manage that way.
> Thanks for the response. I think I tried a block-attach against a dom I had 
> created with 'create'. AFAIR it failed, so maybe that is why.

No, that shouldn't be it. "xm block attach" should work for all domUs,
whether it's created with "xm new" or "xm create". Something else is
causing the error.

What I meant was with "xm new", using "xm block attach" (or the
equivalent virsh command) was pretty much the only way to add new
block device. With "xm create", you could either use that, or edit the
config file manually.

> When you do an xm new, does it copy the values from the config file into 
> XenStore?

I don't think so. Sure, xenstore stores info about all domU, but not
the config file. Try looking at /var/lib/xend/domains (which, AFAIK,
is  not part of xenstore).


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