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Re: [Xen-users] Difference between xenified and pv_ops kernel

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 05:05:56PM +0200, Peter Braun wrote:
> Hi,
> we have successfully tried to run both xenified and pv_ops 2.6.30
> kernels for DomU.
> How would you describe the main difference between those two approaches?
> What is the main difference?
> Are the possibilities the same?
> What about speed?
> Our needs for domu are pretty low - some CPU, some RAM, lvm HDD, 1-3
> virtual NICs. That's all.
> Nothing like PCI/USB passtrough - just plain VPS linux machine.
> Differences from our point of view:
> 1) pv_ops can be used even with latest 2.6.31-rcX kernels

pv_ops Xen domU support has been there since Linux 2.6.24, and like you
said, it is included in the upstream/mainline Linux kernel, so it's always
there to use without extra patches.

Also with pv_ops the same kernel image can be used on baremetal (without
Xen), and also as Xen domU.

> 2) xenified kernel currently with only

Yes it's separate patching, and custom forward-porting, so pv_ops is much
easier solution.

> 3) in XM TOP idling VPS with xenified kernel is really not consuming
> CPU(secs) while
>     VPS with pv_ops kernel is always using like 1-3% of CPU even when
> guest OS idle.

-- Pasi

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