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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Kernel cant find root device - 4 days and no progress :(

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 01:10:35PM +0100, Robert Dunkley wrote:
> I'm still trying to compile my own Xen kernel under Centos 5.2 but boot
> always fails with a cannot find volume group "VolGroup00". I have tried
> using both the xen.org 3.41 with kernel and using
> with patch and Xen 3.41. The error is the same, I really don't know what
> causes it. I am compiling in support for LVM and device mapper etc. Does
> anyone know what might cause this? Any hints would be much appreciated.
> Compile of standard kernel works fine.
> I'm considering swapping to Ubuntu or Slackware just avoid this compile
> issue.

This doesn't sound like compilation issue at all.
It sounds like initrd or configuration issue.

Some questions:

- You're trying to build/compile a custom dom0 kernel? or are you talking about 
domU kernel?
- Can't you use the centos 5.3 kernel-xen?
- Please paste your boot/console log so we can figure out why your boot fails. 
  If it's dom0 kernel, then you need to set up a serial console to capture the 
boot/console output.

-- Pasi

> Thanks,
> Rob
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