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RE: [Xen-users] windows 2008 x64 no cdrom.

> hello,
> xen version is 3.4.1.
> windows 2008 has been out for some time now and to my understanding is
> server edition for windows vista...  not windows 7.

2008 is, more or less, the server version of Vista (2008 rtm was
basically vista sp1), but the server version of Windows 7 is/will be
released as R2 of 2008.

> you are correct when you say that i get that message after windows
> when I VNC into the console i can see the post, which then shows me i
haev a
> cdrom drive.  the bios is then told to boot from the cdrom.   The odd
> here is that i see no hard drive, but i do see a d and x drive.  since
> windows 2008 installs in a win pe like setup, your x drive is the
> that runs while you install the OS on the HD. so perhaps i have an
> with windows 2008 not seeing my HD?

Not sure where to go from there... it _should_ work, but it obviously
doesn't... have you tried to 32 bit version?


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