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[Xen-users] [dhcp] virtual server on DomU & dhcp relay

Hello !

I which to use Xen in order to virtualize a complete local servers farm,
using dom0 in front and multiple domU behind.

I'm using an external interface, eth0, on Dom0, and a dummy interface, on
which the DomUs are bridged through xenbr0.

DomU  DomU     ---Dom0--
  |     |      |       |
----------------       |
[vif1   vif2  dummy]   |
     xenbr0           eth0---- local network

Within the virtualized servers I've installed a simple dhcp server which
responds to dhcp requests sent by clients of my local network.
I've installed a dhcp relay on Dom0 in order to resend the request to the
virtual dhcp server.

The dhcp request is correctly resend to the corresponding DomU, which
answer correctly and send its reply back to the external adress of Dom0, on
which the dhcp relay listen (seen from tcpdump on the dhcp server DomU).

The problem is that the dhcp reply packet never arrives to the Dom0
external address. The dhcp relay doesn't detect any return from the dhcp

I'd like to avoid installing a dhcp server directly on Dom0 (after testing,
this configuration is functionnal)

If anyone have an idea,

Thanks by advance,
Philippe THIERRY

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