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[Xen-users] Re: Pygrub Installation

James Dingwall wrote:
The domU is a 64-bit Gentoo install. So far I have installed grub-static
(0.97-r9) into the domU, copied my existing kernel and ramdisk to /boot
and setup the the grub.conf / menu.lst file. If I try now with the boot
loader then I get "Error: Boot loader didn't return any data".  The wiki
page isn't entirely clear on this point but I think I need to do grub
root(hd0,0), setup(hd0,0)?  However, I'm unable to complete this step
since grub does not detect the virtual disks as BIOS devices, even after
adding entries to device.map.  Any hints on how to get this working?

This is a bug in pygrub, the solution is to delete line 538 in pygrub:
log.debug("PyGrub: Default selection is not valid, using first boot configuration...")

For further details have a look here:

Best regards,

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