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[Xen-users] Load Balancing

Hello Here,

Here is the schema I want to have. Sorry for my bad ascii work ;)

|----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |SERVER1 | |SERVER2 | | | | | |XEN BASED | |XEN BASED | |SYSTEM | |SYSTEM | | | | |
| WIN 2008 SBS GUEST  |                  | WIN 2008 SBS GUEST  |
| WIN 2008 PRO GUEST |                  | WIN 2008 PRO GUEST|
|----------------------------------| |----------------------------------|

What I want to is making load balancing between server1 and server2. So I need to "synchronize" the two WIN 2008 SBS and the two WIN 2008 Pro. => if everything goes well, I make load balancing. If one of my physical server is down, I keep one up to avoid downtime.

Is someone know if there is a way to do that? Is it possible? I heard about LBVM. Is it the solution? Is it the only one?

Thank you a lot,

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