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[Xen-users] Xen domU Live-Migration from a 4-core dom0 to 2-core dom0?

Hi All,

Quick question.  I'm in the process of building another Xen server. 
Existing Xen servers are all quad-core CPU's (Intel Xeon X3220's) with
some domU's set to 4 vcpu's.  I have a spare Intel Xeon 3065 (2.33 GHz
Dual-Core) CPU which I was going to use for a "backup" Xen server for
live-migrating VM's.  I was wondering what happens if I tried to do a
live migration to a Xen server which only has two cores total.

These would be a mix of HVM and paravirt VM's including CentOS, Ubuntu
and Windows Server 2008 which have vcpus set to 4.

Thanks in advance!


Daniel Kao - Seattle, WA, U.S.A.
Übermind, Inc. * http://ubermind.com/ * "Your Vision, Our Experience"
WOlastic * http://wolastic.com/ * "WebObjects in the Cloud"

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