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[Xen-users] How to know the network limits?

Hi all,

In a physical standar machine, your network limit (in Mbps) depends on several factors (driver, data bus... etc) but one of the main items is the interruptions management. I'm wondering how Xen manages de interrupts, ¿every virtual NIC is trated as a physical NIC?

I've several dom0s with a domUs (paravirtualitzed) with a lot of network activity as you can get with a busy SMTP server or load-balancer, for example. Monitoring with tools like munin I really see that these busy-networking domUs actually "eat" a lot of RX/TX kbps of physical NIC, but the question stills there ¿how to know the "limit"?

Normally your network limit is not established by network traffic (in Mbps): your network limit is established by the amount of packets which means a lot of interruptions. If you recive, for example, a lot af little packets you can get a minimal traffic and, on the other hand, a really busy NIC!

¿How to know the network limits (in interruptions load I mean)?

Jordi Espasa Clofent

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