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[Xen-users] dom0 unable to launch domU

Hi Olivier.

Are you sating:

That you are able to create and run DomU's on one machine (lets call this machine 'A') but your unable to create any DomU's on the seemingly problematic machine (let's call
this machine 'B')?

If so, then there either is something your missed in building the B:Dom0, or it is as you say "Software is same on both dom0, and hardware is near the same" that there must
be some inhibiting issue with B:Dom0.

Concentrating on Machine B:

Have you run applications on Machine B without issues before-hand (by that I mean Machine B works without any memory problems or hangs and passes executables like the standard Linux install with > 48 hrs operation, X86 memory tests at least >5 passed, and your confident there is no underlying h/w problem on machine B motherboard or BIOS)?

Have you done a comparison between the A:Dom0 (xm dmesg) and the B:Dom0 (xm dmesg) output and see what you can gleam from that (other than the obvious hardware differences)?

I assume you using separate physical drives for the file systems on each machine and that your NOT using some sort of NAS, NFS or similar to handle DomU's storage?

Apart from the above:

1> Try reinstalling from starch Xen, but only selecting the most minimal install, with only
network administration added.

2> Maybe ensure that machine B, has a up to date BIOS, and that your tested it in line
with what I have suggested above.

If your unsuccessful in getting a positive result send me a copy of the "dmesg" outputs,
a copy of "/proc/cpuinfo", "/proc/interrupts", "/proc/meminfo"
from both machines, to my email address, and I'll see if I can find anything unusual.


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