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Re: [Xen-users] Xen + Windows + Intel VT-x stability


I have recently used SUSE10.1+Xen+WindowsXP(no Service Packs)+IntelVT(Core Duo 2.0GHz).

It took :

 30 minutes from start Setup CD to complete.
 30 minutes from start SP2 installation disk to patch SP2 complete.
 20 minutes to complete windows update.

Virtualized network and CD-ROM drive are available.
SXGA display window has been realized by Intel 945G onboard graphic.
I could use GIMP to take screenshot and a text editor to write some documents.

And I have never seen XP crash yet.

That's some of my experience to use virtualized Windows by Xen.
Sorry it's quite ambiguous, without any evident data.
But I could say using virtualized Windows is much better than I had expected.


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