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Re: [Xen-devel] no output on console when using 2.6.39 as dom0-kernel

On Mon, 2011-05-30 at 20:18 +0100, Ronny Hegewald wrote:
> This topic was brought up before for the 2.6.38 kernel one month ago 
> http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xen-devel/2011-04/msg01345.html
> In this thread it wasn't mentioned that upstream has some missing 
> functionality for vga-console support (as far i have seen), so i assume that 
> it should work.
> First my config: xen 4.1, 2.6.39 upstream linux-kernel, both 32-bit
> As soon the dom0-kernel is booting all output is cleared and the screen stays 
> black, but the kernel is booting fine and i can login and start programs etc.
> When i start X in the dom0 the output on the screen appears normally. As soon 
> i finish X, the screen turns black again.
> I added the following patch to the 2.6.39-er kernel, and the output on the 
> console works fine for me on 32 and 64 bit dom0 kernel (the following patches 
> are from Jeremys xen repository). 
>       commit 09e5e7caf4eac83c010ec3d209cc3dfbe1444ae0 
>       Date:   Mon Feb 9 12:05:54 2009 -0800          
>       xen: allow enable use of VGA console on dom0

It certainly seems likely that this would be required, thanks for
tracking it down.

Konrad, will you pick this one up?

> There was another patch to make the vga-console work with 32-bit-kernel. But 
> for me it worked without it.
>       commit adec49def29110b1748a861c8a2cee785a0d1052
>       Date:   Mon Apr 27 13:03:13 2009 -0700                      
>       xen/i386: make sure initial VGA/ISA mappings are not overridden
> Or ss the console suppossed to work without this patches?

Konrad has been reworking the handling of _PAGE_IO recently, it's quite
possible this one is no longer relevant.


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