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Re: [Xen-devel] Can't reboot Dell Latitude E6420

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 03:09:54PM -0500, Roger Cruz wrote:
> I'm running Xen 4.0.1 on a Sandybridge-based Dell Latitude E6420 and I'm 
> finding that the platform reboot operation hangs.  

Is that the prototype one?
> I've done some investigation and have tracked down the code that dom0 makes 
> in order to reboot the platform is HYPERVISOR_sched_op(SCHEDOP_shutdown, 
> code),
> where 'code' is SHUTDOWN_reboot.  This hypercall makes its way to the Xen 
> routine  machine_restart() in xen/arch/x86/shutdown.c which performs a reboot 
> based on the default reboot_type=BOOT_ACPI.  I have overrode the reboot_type 
> and made it BOOT_TRIPLE and BOOT_KBD, and both of these options still hang 
> after the invocation that is supposed to reboot the platform.
> I experienced the same behavior from a serial Xen console 'R' reboot action, 
> which is expected since it too calls machine_restart().
> I'm out of ideas here as to why these reboot calls are not working.  I 
> figured that the triple fault of the processor would be one that always works 
> but it still hangs for me.  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for 
> additional tests?

Hm, you could fiddle with the Northbridge: 

.. how did it reboot in the past? Does it reboot when you run under baremetal? 
I wonder what mechanism the baremetal
employs - it might be that we are missing one for the Dell machines (check the 
DMI lookup tables in the Linux kernel)?

> Thank you in advance.
> Roger R. Cruz

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