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Re: [Xen-devel] Patches for VGA-Passthrough XEN 4.2 unstable

On Wed, 18 May 2011, JavMV wrote:
> Hello, I have been working on VGA-passthrough in the last month.
> When Xen was at his version 3.5 there was a few patches to make this work for 
> some graphic cards using the patches
> developed by Han Weidong and posted here 
> (http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xen-devel/2009-08/msg01176.html) and
> the same patches posted file by file are here 
> (http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xen-devel/2010-05/msg00441.html
> but now this patches doesn't work on Xen-4.2 unstable because the source code 
> has changed. Well, as I am really interested
> on VGA-Passthru I have adapted those patches to the new version of xen. I 
> have attached them for you to try it and want to
> know if they are still working.
> This patch set should work for the same graphic cards that it worked on the 
> past (NVIDIA GT200, Geforce 8400 GS ...).
> The steps are the same:
> Before all that, you need to read out the VGA Bios of the to-be-passthroughed-
> Graphiccard with a tool; i used nvflash.exe under DOS for this task.
> The patches assume you saved this file as "vgabios-pt.bin"
> 1. check out xen unstable:
>     hg clone http://xenbits.xensource.com/xen-unstable.hg (Or download the 
> tarball xen-unstable.gz which I did)
> 2. go into there and do an "initial build" so that qemu-dm gets checked-out:
>     cd  xen-unstable.hg; cd tools; make ; make clean
> 3. apply the patches from within the "xen-unstable.hg" dir, with patch -p0
> 4. move the vgabios-pt.bin to "tools/firmware/vgabios/"
> 4. do a "make install"
> This is only for primary graphic card passthru, I didn't adapt the patch 
> "qemu-claim-vga-cycle-for-secondary-gfx-passthrou
> gh.patch" but if anyone need it I can do it too.
> Unfortunately these patches don't work for my NVIDIA GTX460 graphic card. If 
> anybody knows how can I make VGA-Passtrhough 
> for this one it would be great! (Or if it is not possible tell me too plz)
> I hope you find this helpful.

Thanks for your work! However my MUA cannot open your attachments, could
you please send them again, maybe inline one email per patch?
I think it is also worth updating the wiki page about VGA passthrough
with your patches:

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