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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 3 of 3] kexec: disable iommu jumping into the kdump kernel

> >>>What about AMD VI IOMMUs? Does it work when that IOMMU is used?
> >>>
> >>It worked on the AMD box I tested the code on.  Like the comment
> >>says - as far as I can tell, it is architecture independent code.
> >>>>+     */
> >>>>+    iommu_disable_x2apic_IR();
> >>>Can't that function be done in the suspend code of the IOMMU?
> >>There is a comment in iommu suspend stating that it cant and isn't
> >>done, but rather is left for the local/ioapic_suspend functions
> >>which dont properly work in the kexec path.
> >OK, how about just moving it out of driver/passthrought/vtd then?
> Because that code is fragile enough without me poking about in it.
> I would prefer someone with more knowledge about IOMMU to make that
> call.

OK. Lets CC him here then.

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